IALF Education for Development is Indonesia’s leading institution for English and Indonesian language training, IELTS testing and preparation, and teacher training for teachers of English and other subjects.


IALF employs over 200 staff and offers language training and testing services to over 15,000 students each year in its three training centres in Surabaya, Jakarta, and Bali.


IALF is a not-for-profit and fee-for-service Indonesian education foundation, established in 1989 and led by a Board of Governors based in Jakarta. It is committed to providing high quality language training services throughout Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region.



To be the leading provider of language training and consultancy services in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region.



To contribute to economic, social and cultural development in Indonesia and the region, and to mutual respect and understanding between the people of Indonesia and neighbouring countries.


IALF will achieve this by providing high quality programs and services, based on the highest professional standards and top quality curricula and resources.



IALF is committed to excellence in education and is recognized as an influential leader in language and teacher training in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region.


IALF provides high-quality specialised training and human resource development services. It has the expertise and experience to:

  • design and deliver customised language training programs to meet specific client needs both in development projects and in a variety of industry sectors;
  • provide experienced language experts as consultants to donor agencies and to companies; and
  • deliver a comprehensive package of services - pedagogic, managerial and technical - that has proven itself in the educational context of the developing world.

IALF's major activities are


  • English Language Training
  • Indonesian Language Training
  • IELTS Testing
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Specialised Language Training
  • Teacher Training
  • Project Management

IALF offers a wide range of English language programs to meet the needs of Indonesians: English for Academic Purposes for those who wish to study overseas; English for Specific Purposes for business and the workplace; and at IALF Bali, English for Young Learners and General English for all ages.


The IELTS test is conducted several times a month at each of the three centres, and in cities across Indonesia. IELTS Preparation courses, IELTS Masterclasses and IELTS Tryouts prepare test-takers to sit the test.


Indonesian language courses attract expatriates living in Indonesia as well as students and teachers of Indonesian who travel to Indonesia to study the language and culture. The Bahasa Indonesia program comprises intensive, part-time and specialised courses at IALF Bali, IALF Jakarta and IALF Surabaya.


IALF Bali is a teacher training centre, conducting the internationally accredited Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL, as well as a range of IALF certificated training courses for teachers.


IALF also has a strong track record in international development. Currently, IALF manages three projects funded by the Australian Government:

  • Kang Guru Indonesia, an English language radio program supported by workshops and social media;
  • ETELP (Timor-Leste English Language Program), which aims to improve the teaching of English in schools in Timor-Leste; and
  • ELTA (English Language Training Assistance), a language upgrading program delivered in four Indonesian provinces under the Australia Awards program.




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IALF Management


It is a measure of the importance the IALF attaches to professional expertise that the senior management team comprises experienced language training consultants.

Denise Finney


Chief Executive Officer

  • Project design & management
  • Educational management
  • Monitoring & evaluation of training

Richard Howells


Chief Operating Officer

  • ELT management
  • Contract negotiation & management
  • IELTS management

IALF Jakarta


Richard Howells



Simone Samuels


Language Programs

  • Pre-departure language training
  • Curriculum & materials design
  • IELTS preparation

IALF Surabaya


Alex Gough


  • Program design
  • Needs analysis
  • IELTS preparation & testing


Francis O’Brien

Director of Studies

  • Course design
  • Materials design & resources
  • IELTS preparation



Caroline Bentley


  • ELT project management
  • Teacher training
  • Curriculum development


Vlad Pejovic


Academic English Language Services

  • Pre-departure language training
  • Cross-cultural training
  • IELTS Assistant Principal Examiner


Putu Gayatri


General & Specialised English Language Services

  • Language program management
  • Teaching Young Learners
  • Syllabus design

Agnes Shanti Nindyarini

Program Manager

General English & Young Learners Language Services

David Bradbury


Teacher Training Services

  • Teacher training
  • Teacher mentoring & development
  • Needs analysis & program design